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More Congrats...

posted May 10, 2011, 10:06 AM by Bob Lynn   [ updated May 7, 2012, 5:04 AM ]
Greetings all,
I hope this email finds you all well.  In recent news at BLKK :
On May 8th, 2011.... Steve Taranto spent a good portion of his morning and early afternoon testing.... and passing his 1st Degree Black Belt.

Steve has been a lifelong student of the Kenpo arts, first through his dad, then later through a dear friend and mentor of mine, Master Ron Gately, who along with Grand Master Steve Nugent participated in this culmination of years of dedication, training, immense fortitude and sheer willpower to finally clear this obstacle that has alluded Steve for quite some time.  It's a funny and humbling transition for me, as through Police Defensive Tactics and Firearms training, Steve was MY first Instructor, and an amazing one at that !!!   I couldn't be more proud of Steve's accomplishments, given the obstacles he has had to endure. 
I, along with Grand Master Steve Nugent, truly look forward to ALL of our endless journeys in steering this ship we call KENPO in the right direction.
With Respect in Kenpo,
Professor Bob Lynn, Hachidan